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OPD Budget Facts


The Omaha Police Department spends nearly 40% (37.9) of the City of Omaha’s General Fund budget. We spend 5.3% on parks, 5.1% on Public Works, 3.3% on Libraries, 0.3% on Human Rights and Relations. (1)

Excluding the Omaha Fire Department, all other parts of our city’s budget combined still do not equal the budget of the Omaha Police Department. $158,027,506 is dedicated to all other services (excluding OFD); $159,056,130 to the police department. (1)

48% (Nearly 80 million dollars) of the OPD budget is dedicated to Uniform Patrol. (2)

The City of Omaha currently faces an $80 million budget shortfall due to COVID-19 response. The Mayor’s suggested plan for handling this budget shortfall can be found below. (3)

  • If we were to take that $80 million from the OPD, they would still have the most funding of all budgets within the general fund (aside from the Fire Department.)
  • Even after an 80 million dollar reallocation, OPD would still have nearly 4x the budget of the third highest line item, which is Public Works.


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